There are two main causes of condensation in your home. These are:


Most of the condensation in your home is caused by steam landing on cold surfaces and turning back into water. The steam can be generated by lots of things, like a steam iron for example. This kind of temporary steam is fine, it’ll be cleared in no time and is nothing to worry about. But, there are some rooms in your home that are going to be more likely to suffer from condensation than others, and it’s not hard to guess which ones:

• the kitchen – boiling your carrots, simmering some pasta and poaching a nice fillet of cod are all going to produce steam. As is boiling your kettle for a nice cup of tea or popping on your percolator for a freshly brewed coffee. And, after all the cooking is finished, it’s time for washing up, with even more steam from the hot water.
• the bathroom – your bathroom really suffers too. Hot baths and showers, often one after another, like the morning dash, create layer after layer of condensation on the walls, floor – everywhere! Just watch how a fern thrives in your bathroom!


Another source of condensation is you, and you family and even Fido the pet pooch. You all breathe out moisture and each of you produce, roughly, four pints of moisture per day. That’s 100 pints per week